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Prestige Luxury and Triumph

Our blend of Rajdhaani has been artfully crafted and mastered over the years to present only the choicest ingredients for our connoisseurs of taste and elegance. In the past, kings, queens, and courtiers of the Darbar delighted in the sweet essence of pan masala, embracing our timeless recipe as part of their noble quests.

Our heavenly blend is a result of a far and wide quest to find only the very best to blend into the most sublime pan masala, one that elevates and helps you ascend into a world of delight and tasteful pleasure.

The curated blend of Rajdhaani pan masala consists of elevated ingredients such as Catechu , Elaichi, Betelnut but above all Saffron, handpicked from the lush fields of Kashmir. These ingredients are then crafted into the Rajdhaani blend, made with the vision of being fit for royalty.

100% Purity

Supreme Quality for Royal blend

Sourced from Kashmir

Sourced from diverse regions for Premium Quality